Peevo Needs a Home!


This is Peevo.  He is a neutered 12 year old lab/cocker spaniel mix that only weighs 34 pounds.  He is up to date on all vaccines, housebroken, knows all his basic commands and walks extremely well on a leash.  For being a senior, he has wonderful energy.  He loves to play, especially with tennis balls, and is just happy all the time.  When you sit with him he always leans his head on you and puts a paw on your lap.  He is a bit of a barker at times when he gets really excited, but he listens when you tell him to calm down.

He also is in extremely good health for his age.  He has no sign of arthritis and only the slight onset of cataracts. However, he does have a liver condition that will require maintenance medication for the rest of his life (1 pill a night.  Monthly cost of $30), but that won't stop him from living a long happy life. 

Although he is accepting other dogs, he still has extreme jealousy issues in the home and I would really recommend that he goes to a single pet household if possible.  He would also do really well with an older couple due to his calm yet playful demeanor. 

If interested, people can contact Karen at and a meet-and-greet can be arranged in South Plainfield at the Plainfield Animal Hospital.  

Peevo 2.jpg