Test Your Animal Awareness!

This is a multiple choice quiz:
Q.        What's better than a senior cat being adopted?
1.         A senior cat adopted by one of our amazing volunteers!
2.         Two senior cats adopted by one of our amazing volunteers!
3.         Three senior cats adopted by one of our amazing volunteers!
4.         All of the above.
A.        The correct answer is #4!

Sammy's Hope Cattery volunteer Barbara Bossany first adopted Leo, who had arrived at our Shelter in October with his sisters, Bettie & Callie. The 11-year-old siblings were confused and scared, but Leo quickly proved to be the most confident of the three, while Bettie & Callie huddled together for comfort. Barbara thought Leo would make a good companion for her 12-year-old resident cat, and brought Leo home, first as a foster, and soon after as a permanent member of the household.

Barbara volunteers in the Sammy's Hope Cattery on Monday mornings, so she got to visit and spend time with Leo's shy senior sisters every week. They slowly came out of their shells, but Barbara knew they would thrive in a home and kept wishing they would be adopted by some kind person with a soft spot for older cats. As Christmas approached, Barbara's sister asked if there was anything special she wanted.

I'm sure you can guess this happiest of endings. Barbara's wish came true; Callie and Bettie were, indeed, adopted by a kind person with a soft spot for senior cats. Now the three siblings are happy and loved and together again.

Just one example of why we love our volunteers and all the wonderful people who opt to adopt and provide loving forever homes to shelter animals everywhere.

This week's blog was written by Lora Muckin, Shelter Manager at Sammy's Hope.  Lora is a former board member and volunteer with Sammy’s Hope. From 2011 to 2014, in conjunction with a municipal Animal Shelter, she evaluated and implemented health and enrichment protocol for cats at the Shelter. She oversaw implementation of the Kitten Foster Program and application of successful $10,000 grant award for shelter programs.